Stainless steel trough belt conveyor in hygienic design

Conveyor belts

With our newly developed stainless steel trough belt conveyor in hygienic design, it is possible to remove the belt by using the quick release. This function and the use of round tube technology, enables an efficient and thorough cleaning without inaccessible dirt corners. Thanks to the underfloor drive with a stainless steel gear motor and an infinitely adjustable angle of inclination, the delivery side of the conveyor belt can also be positioned directly above various hot cooking baths. Additionally a low belt tension on the basis of drive tooth profiles and smart protective devices ensure maximum user protection with unrestricted functionality at the same time.




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Video P-05-G


Video Götz GmbH (Trailer)


Video P20G (Pasta production)


Video P20G (Dough production)


Video RS120G (Ravioli production)


Video P10G (Pasta production)

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Die P-05-G ist das ideale Gerät für diejenigen, die frische Pasta in kleineren Mengen herstellen möchten. Diese Nudelmaschine ist komplett aus Edelstahl gefertigt worden.

Dimensionen 617 x 365 x 426 mm

Gewicht 37,4 kg

Leistung 0,36 kW

Stundenproduktion 6 kg/h

PDF >> P-05-G

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The P55R is a professional ravioli machine for the production of pressed and stuffed pasta. It is completely made of stainless steel and an automatic cutter, a fan, and a removable swaging shaft is included with delivery.

Dimensionen 1180 x 1020 x 1800 mm

Gewicht 320 kg

Leistung 3,55 kW

Stundenproduktion 70 kg/h

PDF >> P55R


The RS120G is a professional ravioli machine with a dough sheet width of 120 mm for the production of square, half-round and triangular ravioli and cannelloni. The paneling of the RS120G is completely made of high-quality INOX steel.

Dimensionen 690 x 810 x 1770 mm

Gewicht 112 kg

Leistung 0,55 kW

Stundenproduktion 50 kg/h

PDF >> RS120G