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The RS-160-1-G ravioli machine, with its hygienic design, is equipped with several inverter-controlled industrial motors whose parameters can be configured via the modern touch-screen control system.

Dimensionen 898 x 866 x 1798 mm

Gewicht 205 kg

Leistung 1,5 kW

Stundenproduktion ca. 90 kg/h

PDF >> RS-160-1-G

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With our smallest pasta extruder P-05-G we offer you a machine which is ideal for home use and for the smaller gastronomy. The machine is made entirely of stainless steel and impresses with its simple hygienic design.

Dimensionen 617 x 358 x 428 mm

Gewicht 37,5 kg

Leistung 0,45 kW

Stundenproduktion 5 kg/h

PDF >> P-05-G

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By combining the pasta press P-55-T-G with the ravioli machine RS-120-G, the combination machine P-55-TR-G is created. Due to defined interfaces, the machine can be individually extended by accessories such as a flat dough rewinder.

Dimensionen 1159 x 1198 x 1735 mm

Gewicht 350 kg

Leistung 4 kW

Stundenproduktion 70 (pasta), 25-50 (ravioli) kg/h

PDF >> P-55-TR-G

Link >> More about this pasta machine