Whether in your restaurant or for the direct marketer, the pasta press P-10-G convinces not only with its high-quality design, but also with high performance combined with a long service life.

The P-10-G is a professional pasta press that opens the door to industrial pasta production. With a capacity of 4 kg semolina / flour per mixing cycle, an hourly output (mixing process + pressing process) of approx. 10 kg is achieved. A robust industrial three-phase motor and a double-walled extrusion channel, which can be cooled with active or passive water cooling, allow continuous operation without rest periods. As the P-05-G, water cooling ensures consistent dough quality through dough tempering and is therefore indispensable for production with egg, because the protein coagulates at 42 °C. The cutting unit included in the scope of delivery can simply be swiveled to the side on the P-10-G and also has a second position at a distance from the die, which enables the production of penne. The machine is also equipped with a built-in fan that dries the surface of the fresh pasta during production, thus preventing pasta from sticking to each other. In addition to a selection of over 500 possible dies, the P-10-G can also be used with various flat dough dies for flat dough production. With the optional rewinder, which can be easily mounted on the P-10-G thanks to the predefined interfaces, it is possible to automatically roll up the flat dough onto a dough roller. In combination with the ravioli machine Dupla, the produced flat dough can be further processed to ravioli. The eminent hygienic design, which is characterized by a tightly welded housing and quickly removable machine components such as the mixing reel and extrusion screw, also allows quick and easy cleaning of the professional machine made of stainless steel.

Dimensions (DxWxH):

ca. 896 x 385 x 675*


70 kg

Power consumption:

0,9 kW

Production output (mix and extrusion):

ca. 10 kg / h (Depending on die)

Production output (only extrusion):

ca. 15 kg / h (Depending on die)

Capacity semolina / flur:

4 kg

* Please take a look at the overview drawing in the download area for more precise dimensions.

Scope of supply:


  • Preparation for water cooling

  • mixing die

  • Electric cutting unit with knife

  • Götz food grease

  • Dough scraper

  • Hook fasteners to open the cap nut







  • White perforated plastic pasta rack stackable (drying and storage of pasta)

  • Brass die / brass die with Teflon inserts

  • Brass die for flat dough (static or with adjustable dough thickness)

  • Penne-die with fitting knife

  • Mobile stainless-steel base with 1x tray holder and 1x plastic pasta rack (for active cooling)

  • Mobile stainless-steel base with 5x tray holder and 5x plastic pasta rack (for passive cooling)

  • Passive cooling (water compensation tank with circulation pump, can be integrated on mobile base)

  • Active cooling (cooling unit with automatic water cooler and circulation pump, can be integrated on mobile base)

  • Plastic dough roller for flat dough width up to 120 mm

  • Flat dough rewinder

Advantages of P-10-G (Compare convinced):

  • Machine and machine components made of high-quality stainless steel

  • Consistent pasta quality due to water-cooled extrusion channel

  • Continuous production readiness due to the use of industrial three-phase motor

  • Quick and easy cleaning due to hygienic design (welded mixing pan, removable machine components such as mixing shaft / reel, stainless steel screw, etc.)

  • Emergency stop button and safety limit switch for maximum user protection

  • Over 500 different die options

  • Possibility of penne production

  • Fan that counteracts the sticking of the pasta

  • Possibility for automatic rolling of flat dough

  • Made in Germany

Top Seller


The RS-160-1-G ravioli machine, with its hygienic design, is equipped with several inverter-controlled industrial motors whose parameters can be configured via the modern touch-screen control system.

Dimensionen 898 x 866 x 1798 mm

Gewicht 205 kg

Leistung 1,5 kW

Stundenproduktion ca. 90 kg/h

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With our smallest pasta extruder P-05-G we offer you a machine which is ideal for home use and for the smaller gastronomy. The machine is made entirely of stainless steel and impresses with its simple hygienic design.

Dimensionen 617 x 358 x 428 mm

Gewicht 37,5 kg

Leistung 0,45 kW

Stundenproduktion 5 kg/h

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By combining the pasta press P-55-T-G with the ravioli machine RS-120-G, the combination machine P-55-TR-G is created. Due to defined interfaces, the machine can be individually extended by accessories such as a flat dough rewinder.

Dimensionen 1159 x 1198 x 1735 mm

Gewicht 350 kg

Leistung 4 kW

Stundenproduktion 70 (pasta), 25-50 (ravioli) kg/h

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