The P-100-G features a two-part extrusion channel and a pneumatically swiveling mixing trough. Thanks to the modern control system, which is operated via a touch screen, the machine can also be integrated into production lines.

With a continuous production capacity of up to 150 kg/h and a capacity of the upper mixing trough of 25 kg semolina / flour per mixing cycle, the P-100-G is the largest pasta press we manufacture at our company site in Heiligkreuztal (Germany). The machine is equipped with a pressing trough as well as a pneumatically swiveling mixing trough. Thus, it is possible that during the pasta production process, which includes the further mixing of the dough in the lower pressing trough as well as the parallel dough conveying into the extrusion channel, new dough can already be produced simultaneously in the upper mixing trough. In the robust extrusion channel, the dough is then compacted by the extrusion screw and pressed through the desired die. For high production output and consistent dough quality, the heat generated during dough compression is dissipated through the double-walled extrusion channel with water flow and with the aid of an external cooling unit with circulation pump. With the optional temperature control including a level sensor, it is also possible to set the water temperature to the exact degree.

The front part of the extrusion channel is subject to greater wear due to the compression of the dough and must be replaced after a few years of production on all continuously operated extrusion machines. Since the replacement of the entire unit is associated with high costs due to the high volume of material, the eminent processing and the subsequent precise positioning on the machine, we have designed the extrusion channel in two parts. This means that only the front part can be replaced in no time at all, for a sustainable and resource-saving machine life and lower service costs.

The removable cutter unit, which is pushed onto the end of the extrusion channel for cutting the pasta, is equipped with an integrated fan, which dries the surface of the pasta during the production process and counteracts sticking of the pasta. For the difficult cutting of long pasta, the P-100-G can also be equipped with the optional cutter control. This control enables the alternating movement of the cutter blade and thus ensures the unhindered flow of the long pasta after the cutting process.

For external cleaning activities, the mixing shafts of the two mixing troughs as well as the extrusion screw in the extrusion channel, can be easily and quickly removed from the machine. In addition to the obviously hygienic components, such as the base frame made of stainless steel tubular profiles and the stainless steel cabinet with blue rubber seal and sloping roof, the control panel is also made of stainless steel and is fitted with a seal. This is also where the robust 7" touch screen is located, which, in addition to controlling the fan, extrusion and cutter speeds, allows a wide range of parameters to be configured and saved for different production modes.

The machine is also capable of producing flat dough for further processing into tagliatelle or ravioli / Maultaschen with a special die. The pressed flat dough strand can be automatically rolled onto blue plastic dough rolls during production, using the optional rewinder.

Dimensions (TxBxH):

approx. 1445 x 1294 x 1612 mm*


500 kg

Power consumption:

8 kW

Production output (mix and extrusion):

approx. 100-150 kg / h (Matrizenabhängig)

Capacity semolina / flour per mixing course:

25 kg

* Please take a look at the overview drawing in the download area for more precise dimensions.

Scope of supply:


  • Cutting unit with cutting knife

  • Götz food grease

  • Hook fasteners to open the cap nut













  • White perforated plastic pasta rack stackable (drying and storage of pasta)

  • Compressed air gun for cleaning via compressed air

  • Brass die / brass die with Teflon inserts

  • Brass die with anti-rotation device (for alternating knife)

  • Brass die for flat dough (static or with adjustable dough thickness)

  • Penne-die with knife

  • Active cooling (cooling unit with automatic water cooler and circulation pump)

  • Control for cooling water temperature incl. level sensor

  • Control for alternating cutting knife for automatic cutting of long dough products

  • Photocell for automatic machine regulation during flat dough production in a production line

  • Flat dough rewinder for flat dough production on dough rolls up to 320 mm

  • Blue plastic dough roller for 250 mm wide flat dough

  • Blue plastic dough roller for 320 mm wide flat dough

Advantages of the P-100-G (Compare convinced):

  • Practiced hygienic design in the form of the use of high-quality components and materials as well as their processing

  • Eminent cleanability due to removable machine components and a sophisticated design

  • Modern control via touch screen with a wide range of adjustable machine parameters

  • Fast and uncomplicated cleaning thanks to sophisticated hygienic design and removable machine components

  • Emergency stop button and safety limit switch for maximum user protection

  • Consistent pasta quality due to water-cooled extrusion channel

  • Continuous production readiness through the use of high-quality industrial three-phase motors

  • Over 500 different die options

  • Possibility of penne production

  • Possibility for automatic rolling of flat dough

  • Possibility for automatic cutting of long dough products

  • Possibility for the precise adjustment of the cooling water temperature to the degree

  • Made in Germany