P-55-T-G / P-55-TR-G

Equipped with a mixing and a pressing trough, the P-55-T-G / P-55-TR-G is suitable for continuous pasta production. Due to the sophisticated modular system and the clearly defined interfaces, the P-55-TR-G combination machine is created by adding a ravioli group.

The P-55-T-G / P-55-TR-G, which is used worldwide in system catering and industry, achieves a continuous production output of approx. 70 kg/h due to the powerful drive technology and two mixers. The additional mixer offers the great advantage that during the pressing process, which includes the further mixing of the dough in the lower pressing trough and the parallel dough conveying into the extrusion channel, new dough with up to 14 kg of semolina / flour can be mixed simultaneously in the upper mixing trough. In the extrusion channel, the dough is compacted by means of the robust stainless steel screw conveyor and pressed through the desired forming die at the end of the channel. During this compression process, heat is generated which is removed by means of cooled water via the double-walled extrusion channel. This is provided by a cooling unit with automatic water cooler and circulation pump, which can be placed in the base frame of the machine. With the optional cooling water control, you are also able to set the temperature of the cooling water to the exact degree to ensure consistent dough quality and high production output. After the dough has received the shape through on of the 500 different orderable dies, the strands of dough discharged from the die can be cut into pasta. This is done by the cutting unit included in the scope of delivery, which, with a continuously adjustable knife speed and a selection of different knives, cuts the pasta individually to the length you require. With the optional motor control, it is also possible to move the cutting knife alternately, so that even long pasta can be cut without problems. To ensure that the pasta produced is collected directly below the cutting unit, holders for drying racks are provided on the machine. The racks are provided with a large number of small cutouts that allow the fans installed on the machine to dry the pasta surface. This counteracts the sticking of the dough products to each other. The fan speed and a large number of other production parameters are controlled centrally via the large and robust touch panel. A clear and language-adjustable menu navigation as well as the possibility of saving various production parameters ensure maximum user-friendliness and unrestricted production individuality.

With a special die, the machine is also able to produce flat dough for further processing into tagliatelle or ravioli / swabian ravioli. The pressed flat dough strand can be automatically rolled onto blue plastic dough rolls during production, using the optional rewinder.

Once two dough rolls with flat dough have been produced, the P-55-TR-G can insert them into the holders provided for the ravioli group. The unit, derived from the RS-120-G, is capable of processing 120 mm wide flat dough plus filling into various shapes and sizes of ravioli and swabian ravioli. There are a large number of forming stamps for this purpose, which, together with the filling cylinder and dosing funnel, can be easily removed and cleaned after production.

Dimensions P-55-T-G / P-55-TR-G (TxBxH):

1130 x 835 x 1735 / 1159 x 1198 x 1735 mm*

Weight P-55-T-G / P-55-TR-G:

260 kg / 350 kg

Power consumption:

4 kW

Production output (mix and extrusion):

approx. 70 kg / h (Depending on die)

Production output (Ravioli):

approx. 25-50 kg / h (Depending on die)

Capacity semolina / flour per mixing course:

14 kg

* Please take a look at the overview drawing in the download area for more precise dimensions.

Scope of supply:


  • Cutting unit with cutting knife

  • Götz food grease

  • Dough scraper

  • Hook fasteners to open the cap nut

  • Two blue dough rollers for flat dough up to 120 mm (P-55-TR-G)













  • White perforated plastic pasta rack stackable (drying and storage of pasta)

  • Brass die / brass die with Teflon inserts

  • Brass die for flat dough (static or with adjustable dough thickness)

  • Brass flat dough die for simultaneous production of two dough strands (120 mm)

  • Penne-die with knife

  • Active cooling (cooling unit with automatic water cooler and circulation pump, can be integrated in underframe)

  • Control for cooling water temperature incl. level sensor

  • Control for alternating cutting knife for automatic cutting of long dough products

  • Blue plastic dough roller for 120 mm wide flat dough

  • Blue plastic dough roller for 160 mm wide flat dough

  • Additional filling cylinder for ravioli group

  • Flat dough rewinder for flat dough production on dough rolls up to 160 mm

  • Flat dough rewinder for simultaneous flat dough production on two dough rolls up to 120 mm

  • Ravioli stamp

Advantages of the P-55-T-G / P-55-TR-G (Compare convinced):

  • Machine and machine components made of high-quality stainless steel

  • Modern control via touch screen with a wide range of adjustable machine parameters

  • Fast and uncomplicated cleaning thanks to sophisticated hygienic design and removable machine components

  • Emergency stop button and safety limit switch for maximum user protection

  • Consistent pasta quality due to water-cooled extrusion channel

  • Continuous production readiness through the use of high-quality industrial three-phase motors

  • Over 500 different die options

  • Possibility of penne production

  • Possibility for automatic rolling of flat dough

  • Possibility for automatic cutting of long dough products

  • Possibility for the precise adjustment of the cooling water temperature to the degree

  • Made in Germany