The RS-160-1-G ravioli machine is characterized by the excellent hygienic design and is equipped with several inverter-controlled industrial motors whose parameters can be configured via the modern touchscreen panel.

The RS-160-1-G ravioli machine, developed in Heiligkreuztal (germany), sets new standards in terms of safety, cleanability, durability and flexibility. While machines of comparable size operate with only one motor, which drives all units at the same speed, the calibration rollers, the filling plunger and the forming punch of the RS-160-1-G are operated with separate industrial three-phase motors. Two of the three motors are powered by high-quality frequency inverters, which offer the great advantage of precise speed control in addition to higher energy efficiency and smoother drive starts that are gentle on the parts. Due to the possible separate adjustment of the calibration roller and piston speed, various recipes, a quick change between different forming punches and individual dough thickness settings, among others, can be realized without the risk of dough wrinkle and production of rejects. The drives are controlled via a large touchscreen with user-friendly menu navigation that can be set by language. The individual production parameters for different products can be saved and recalled at any time.

In addition to the obvious hygienically designed components, such as the cabinet with its sloping roof and rubber seals, as well as the base frame made of stainless steel tubing, the heart of the machine has also been designed to ensure excellent cleanability. Here, large clearances between calibration rolls and side walls not only ensure good accessibility for cleaning activities, but also protect shaft bearings from contamination and premature wear. Machine components such as the filling cylinder, filling hopper, filling block and forming punch, can be quickly removed from the machine and cleaned separately. Easy access to the inside of the machine is ensured by movable protective covers which, together with high-quality safety limit switches, form part of the machine's sophisticated safety concept. Transparent covers nevertheless allow visual process monitoring while maintaining the same protective effect.

Thanks to the well thought-out modular design principle and the clearly defined interfaces, the machine can also be extended by components for filling via an external filling unit (e.g. sausage filler). Via a potential-free contact, it is also possible to control the external filling unit via the RS-160-1-G's touch display.

Dimensions (DxWxH):

ca. 898 x 866 x 1798 mm*


205 kg

Power consumption:

1,5 kW

Production output:

ca. 90 kg / h


Ravioli, Swabian Ravioli, Manti

* Please take a look at the overview drawing in the download area for more precise dimensions.

Scope of supply:


  • Two blue dough rollers for 160 mm flat dough

  • Two white perforated plastic pasta racks (stackable)




  • White perforated plastic pasta racks (stackable)

  • Blue dough rollers for 160 mm flat dough

  • Connection hose to an external filling unit

  • Ravioli / swabian ravioli stamp

  • Filling block for connection of external filling unit + protective cover with cut-out for hose + potential-free contact for control of external filling unit

Advantages of the RS-160-1-G:

  • Machine and machine components made of high-quality stainless steel

  • Modern control via touch screen with a wide range of adjustable machine parameters

  • Separately controllable industrial three-phase motors in combination with high-quality frequency converters

  • Fast and uncomplicated cleaning due to sophisticated hygienic design

  • Emergency stop button and safety limit switch for maximum user protection

  • Possibility for connection and control of an external filling unit

  • Made in Germany