Potato noodles machines


The SN-250-G potato noodles machine is made of stainless steel and features hygienically designed forming rollers and a base frame with pasta rack holders. Emergency stop buttons and high-quality safety limit switches ensure maximum user protection.

Dimensionen 550 x 700 x 1320 mm

Gewicht 85 kg

Leistung 0,9 kW

Stundenproduktion 200 - 500 kg/h

PDF >> SN-250-G


Made of stainless steel, the SN-300-G potato noodles machine can be integrated into a production line and has a removable residual dough container and a swivelling conveyor belt that can be folded away for easy machine cleaning.

Dimensionen 730 x 905 x 998 mm

Gewicht 105 kg

Leistung 0,37 kW

Stundenproduktion 400 - 800 kg/h

PDF >> SN-300-G