Pre-owned machines

A250-F der Götz GmbH aus Heiligkreuztal


The A250-F is a professional rolling-pin with a dough sheet width of 250 mm and a mixing vessel for 35 kg dough.

Dimensionen 1550 x 1550 x 1110 mm

Gewicht 750 kg

Leistung 5,5 kW

Stundenproduktion 250 kg/h

PDF >> A250-F

P55R der Götz GmbH aus Heiligkreuztal


The P55R is a professional ravioli machine for the production of pressed and stuffed pasta. It is completely made of stainless steel and an automatic cutter, a fan, and a removable swaging shaft is included with delivery.

Dimensionen 1180 x 1020 x 1800 mm

Gewicht 320 kg

Leistung 3,55 kW

Stundenproduktion 70 kg/h

PDF >> P55R