Pasta machines - from professionals for professionals

We develop, produce, and sell professional pasta machines for private households, restaurants, butcheries, direct marketers, pasta stores, delicatessens, franchises / system gastronomy, pasta manufactories and pasta laboratories, up to production lines of pasta factories.

For more than 30 years we have been developing, producing, and selling professional pasta machines for private households, gastronomy, trade, industry and commerce at our company location in Heiligkreuztal in Upper Swabia. With qualified personnel and modern production methods, German pasta machines are created, which are characterized above all by adequate processing and high quality. With a broad lived understanding of hygienic design and by using high quality certified materials, our pasta machines allow for quick and easy cleaning. Combined with sophisticated safety technology for maximum user protection and easy operation, using modern control technology, pasta extruder, ravioli machines, rolling machines, pasta cutting machines / tagliatelle machines, capelletti machines, spaetzle machines, potato noodles machines, gnocchi machines and combined machines are created. Thus, our machines can produce laminated flat dough, extruded flat dough, tagliatelle, swabian ravioli, ravioli, spätzle, potato noodles, gnocchi and more than 500 different extruded pasta.

With our long experience and with the help of our modern CAD environment, we are able to develop individual customer requests and customized special solutions in close cooperation with you as our customer. For the realization of large industrial production lines, we work closely with the company PTG-Pasta Technologie Group.

If you have any questions about our pasta machines, please do not hesitate to contact us. We attach great importance to a competent and friendly consultation by our qualified personnel. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

With one click to the right pasta machine- Select the desired pasta in the pasta navigator to find the right production machine for you:

Pasta extruders:


With our smallest pasta extruder P-05-G we offer you a machine which is ideal for home use and for the smaller gastronomy. The machine is made entirely of stainless steel and impresses with its simple hygienic design.

Dimensionen 617 x 358 x 428 mm

Gewicht 37,5 kg

Leistung 0,45 kW

Stundenproduktion 5 kg/h

PDF >> P-05-G

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Whether in your restaurant or for the direct marketer, the pasta press P-10-G convinces not only with its high-quality design, but also with high performance combined with a long service life.

Dimensionen 896 x 385 x 675 mm

Gewicht 70 kg

Leistung 0,9 kW

Stundenproduktion 10 kg/h

PDF >> P-10-G

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The P-20-T-G, designed for the professional segment, is used by direct marketers as well as customers in system gastronomy. In addition to a brilliant cleanability, the machine is characterized by a modern control via touchscreen.

Dimensionen 1040 x 615 x 1320 mm

Gewicht 155 kg

Leistung 1,5 kW

Stundenproduktion 20 kg/h

PDF >> P-20-T-G

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With a similar design compared to the P-20-T-G, the P-30-T-G pasta press features an even higher pressing capacity due to the larger extrusion channel and other machine components.

Dimensionen 1095 x 615 x 1320 mm

Gewicht 160 kg

Leistung 1,5 kW

Stundenproduktion 24 kg/h

PDF >> P-30-T-G

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Equipped with a mixing and a pressing trough, the P-55-T-G is suitable for continuous pasta production. Due to the sophisticated modular system, the machine is also available with a ravioli group.

Dimensionen 1130 x 835 x 1735 mm

Gewicht 260 kg

Leistung 4 kW

Stundenproduktion 70 kg/h

PDF >> P-55-T-G

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The P-100-G features a two-part extrusion channel and a pneumatically swiveling mixing trough. Thanks to the modern control system, which is operated via a touch screen, the machine can also be integrated into production lines.

Dimensionen 1445 x 1294 x 1612 mm

Gewicht 500 kg

Leistung 8 kW

Stundenproduktion 150 kg/h

PDF >> P-100-G

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